Medical Services Provided

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General medical services

X-ray and scan,  Laboratory and Pharmacy services, outpatient and inpatient admissions etc.
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General Surgeries

Both emergencies and planned surgeries. The hospital also offers free Safe Medical Male Circumcision - SMMC.

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Reproductive Health Services

Antenatal, Natal, (Normal and assisted deliveries), and Postnatal services,
Family planning and Immunization services.
Cervical cancer screening etc.
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Antiretroviral Therapy (ART)

Voluntary HIV Testing, counseling, Infection control, ART therapy and Treatment including PEP etc.
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Details of the services provided 
1. Health Education

Monday to Fridays (OPD, Children’s ward, General Ward, Maternity, ANC/PNC & immunization)

2. Specialized clinics

i). High Risk clinic- Mondays
ii). Non communicable Diseases (NCD) Clinic –Tuesdays
iii). Pediatrics OPD- Wednesdays
iv). Specialized Gynecology- Thursdays 
v). Surgical clinic- Fridays

3. Clinical laboratory services 

i. Hematology
ii. Chemistry
iii. Parasitology

4. Imaging & Radiology 

i. X-ray
ii. Ultra-Sound Scan

5. Inpatients’ Care

i. General ward (medical & surgical, )
ii. Children’s ward
iii. Maternity (obstetrics & gynecology services)
iv. Private wards 

6. Obs and Gyn services

i. Free ANC Care
ii. Free family planning
iii. Free immunization both static & outreach (Monday to Friday, Wednesday& Friday for outreach programs)
v. Free postnatal care
vi. Delivery (SVD & EMCs)
vii. Cervical cancer screening. 

7. Theatre services

i. Gyn surgeries and care
ii. All major & minor surgeries 

8. HIV/AIDS Care services 

i. Free counselling & testing services
ii. Adolescent clinic
iii. Free Safe male circumcision (SMC)
iv. TB diagnosis & treatment
v. Exposed infant Diagnosis & treatment Care 

9. Mortuary services

i. Post mortems
ii. Body preservation (Formalin) 

10. Other services

i. Referrals of Cases
ii. Accommodation services for Guests in the Hospital Guest House 
iii. ART Clinic (UPMB)
iv. Certificate of medical fitness
v. Medical reports
vi. NIRA Services- Birth & Death Notifications forms
vii.24 hour general & private pharmacy services
viii. The Community Health Insurance program

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