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Foundation stone at the site of the new neonatal unit

My dear brethren,
Allow me again to say THANK YOU for supporting my birthday ... much more for supporting Freda Carr's Centenary Celebrations. The first purpose of the Centenary celebration was to say a big thank you to God, who established Ngora Freda Carr Hospital (NFCH). The second part was to raise funds to help the hospital start the next century on a better footing. We have done well on both fronts, BUT we should continue with the second purpose. We only launched a vision of a center of excellence for newborn care (neonatal unit) and unveiled a beautiful foundation stone. About 20 Million Uganda Shillings are at hand for the neonatal unit but are a drop in the pond (not the ocean). Who will take this work forward? The will of God is plain, BUILD...My humble suggestion: let us get our names on the list of the willing, committing to pursue the issue of the neonatal unit at NFCH. When we have generated the list, we shall cause a meeting to ponder and ask God for energy to do HIS will.

Dr. Amos Odiit
Former Medical Director
Ngora Freda Carr Hospital

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Dec 23, 2022
A gift to our best midwife

The Accountant Ngora Freda Carr hospital handing over Shillings 500,000 award from AKODEK international to the best midwife 2022.
Thank you AKODEK for filling the gap!

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Oct 09, 2022
Centenary Celebrations

Centenary Celebrations

Thank you Lord for the 100 years you gave us to serve, bless the hospital for the next 100 years. We say Ebenezer!
1 Samuel 7:12
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Sept 08, 2022
The new chapel

We are now using the new chapel for prayers. The hospital staff, students at the nursing school and the community are all welcome to our soul rejuvenating fellowships and prayers.
The chapel was constructed as part of the celebrations to mark 100 years of Ngora Freda Carr Hospital (1992-2022).
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Aug 08, 2022
Dr. Ogwal Daniel

Our medical team successfully operated and delivered an abdominal baby on 21/09/2021, Tuesday evening. It's a rare and technical procedure that requires both seniority and courage. It's the second surgery of its nature since the inception of the Hospital
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