Ngora Freda Carr hospital medical team successfully operated and delivered an abdominal baby on 21st/9/2021, Tuesday evening. It is a rare and technical procedure that requires both seniority and courage. It’s the second surgery of its nature since the inception of the Hospital.

Although various birth abnormalities happen across the globe, the public has little awareness about them. Abdominal pregnancy is a rare, life-threatening condition defined as pregnancy in the peritoneal cavity exclusive of tubal, ovarian, or intraligamentary locations. It can be primarily located in the peritoneal cavity or secondary due to a ruptured ectopic pregnancy or tubal abortion
Although a few of these pregnancies are a result of implantation in the abdominal lining, most are the result of expulsion of a tubal pregnancy. Abdominal pregnancy is thought to represent around 1–1.5% of all ectopic pregnancies with an estimated incidence of 1:8000–10 000 pregnancies. It is a serious and potentially life-threatening condition, mainly due to the risk of massive hemorrhage from a partially or totally separated placenta at any stage of pregnancy.

But early diagnosis during routine antenatal visits, ultrasound scan among others, directs midwives and doctors on appropriate measures on how to handle such pregnancies, in order to save the lives of such patients.

Much appreciation goes to Dr. Ogwal Daniel the general surgeon who led the team, Dr. Oluge Martin the co-surgeon, Sr. Acam Slyvia anaesthetist, Sr. Anyumel Deborah theatre assistant, Srs. Esther Mary Itadal and Agwang Annet the lead midwives among others, who carried out the primary assessment and recommended an ultrasound scan to confirm their discovery.
Thumbs up👍 for the imaging team, “For the eye sees what it knows”. With them we were able to significantly localize this rare case “Abdominal Ectopic Pregnancy". Credit to our sonographer Nakiwala Joan who saw an estimated 24weeks lifeless foetus which had developed in the abdomen outside the uterus attaching itself on the small intestines and rubbing the liver.
Maximum respect to all participants who tirelessly worked to save the mother before and after surgery. To mention but a few; the committed Lab and Pharmacy staff, standby Ambulance personnel, estate workers, Records and Administration, and the list is endless.
Thank you.

Dr. Ogwal Daniel. 

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